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What is in the T4TACTICS name?

Our name comes from the TOP FOUR (T4) Organizational skills you will need to know, practice and be familiar with is ever faced with the unthinkable, an active shooter event! So basically, the name is Top Four Tactics! We just made it shorter and much easier to remember by saying T4Tactics.

We lead the area in Advanced Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training. Notice the word "advanced?" We can honestly say that because we teach so much more than the typical instructions of "run, hide, fight" - The dynamics go way beyond that! Our training is not "one size fits all" and is never sugar coated or exaggerated. Some content is unpleasant and has not been told in the media but we feel it is a necessary element of our much needed product. Does your business have a plan? The next time you're at your favorite place to shop, eat or visit, pull the manager aside and ask if they have had their employees trained on this topic. Many businesses, including several large nation-wide retail chains have "trained" their employees with the free Dept of Homeland Security's 8 minute video on Active Shooter. Although this video was well produced and has valuable information, what do you want - an 8 minute on-line video or a person to person 4 hour presentation with hands on combative disarming skills course? Contact us now at or on Facebook! Be safe and be hard to kill!!!!

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