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Will your child make the right choice?

Will your child make the right choice?

T4Tactics presents gun awareness training for children. No 2nd Amendment twist or hidden agenda. Just common rules to follow that kids remember. FUN WHILE LEARNING!

So many times as a police officer, (and I’m sure you’ve seen it on the TV show COPS) I have been chasing the bad guy, the helicopter is overhead, and the K-9 is barking and closing in, what do they do moments before getting caught? They ditch anything illegal on them. Usually it’s drugs but sometimes it’s a gun. This can happen in a playground, park, schoolyard, city street, business parking lot, church or shopping plaza.

Someone one day is going to find that gun. Hopefully they have been trained on how to pick it up and handle it.

What if your child found it? Would they be so comfortable as to pick it up and inspect it?

Even more common, what if they were at a friend’s house and explore the house and find a firearm.

Last year in Roanoke we had a 9-year-old shoot and kill his 8-year-old friend while playing with an unsecured firearm.

Months after that a 4 year old boy gained access to his fathers gun in Campbell County and shot himself in the stomach. Thank God he’ll be ok!

This same month two boys in Amherst County found a hikers gun after it had fallen out of his backpack. Luckily they left it alone and adults were called.

Do your children know the difference between reality and fantasy when it comes to firearms? Do they know these devices demand respect?

Many firearm accidents involving children go directly back to the gun owner being irresponsible, careless and ignorant.

Responsible gun ownership is the key but unfortunately children do not understand that.

Check out our “events” page and let yours watch the 8 minute NRA’s Eddie Eagle Video.

Want more training with Eddie Eagle, arts and crafts, games, prizes, food and sing-a-longs? We present this several times a year! Contact T4Tactics for more information.

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