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VA open carry vs concealed!

Virginia’s Open Carry

Teaching civilians for the past decade gun safety courses in order for them to obtain their concealed carry permit, I’ve been asked in just about every class how I feel about “open carry” vs concealed carry.

Sure it’s your second amendment right to own and carry a firearm but here are some thoughts from a professional who’s been around the block on the matter.

Personal thoughts. No harm or offense intended to anyone. Everyone is entitled to carry as they please and have their own reasons.

My police friends in the Daytona Beach, FL area (POPD, VCSO, SDPD, DBPD) will probably be able to figure out these thugs names as we’ve just about all witnessed or been involved in violent altercations with them. Larry D, Brian F, Billy F (Brian and Billy were brothers and you fight one, you fight both!) Fran C, Scott Z, “C Slack”, “Full Auto”, “Wall”, A Gonzales, and L Reid.

I list those 10 “names” for a reason. They’re just a handful of the guys that I have dealt with in my police career that I can say would see you carrying openly, walk up to you, call you a four letter expletive, knock your block off and take your gun from your side. Just because they can!

Guys like this are out there! Trust me! (read my blog on “words to live by”)

Open carry and or concealed – the owner needs to practice weapon retention. You’ll need a quality holster with a snap or something holding it IN the holster, securely and to the belt or item that is actually holding it. The trigger guard must be covered! Don’t be a cheapskate on a holster. You don’t want it falling out at the time when you may need it most.

Active Shooter, Armed Robber or Violent Attack in your location and you’re open carry. Guess who’s the target and getting shot first.

You bring attention to yourself with open carry.

Be that “Grey” area man / woman.

Open carry makes you look aggressive and in some minds, looking for trouble.

So my summary – Carry concealed legally and go unnoticed!

The first rule of concealed club is to not talk about concealed club!

T4Tactics teaches gun safety courses for concealed permits in FL, VA and selected other locations. We also teach the multi-state concealed permit course.

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