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  • Active Shooter/Active Attacker response training for all types of facilities. T4Tactics has worked recently in 19 states and trained over 9,500 people. Audience sizes have ranged from 6 to 1,100. Large auto and food product manufacturers, national grocery and convenient stores, hospitals, advanced surgery centers, Houses of worship, construction and oil rigging companies, all types of educational facilities, and more. 

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training

  • De-escalation and Interpersonal skills workshops. 

  • Situational Awareness and Street Survival Workshops for all demographics and ages. 

  • Reunification and de-briefing coordination following a violent workplace attack. (Normally can respond within 24 hours)

CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW!  (434) 444-5522
147 Mill Ridge Rd, Suite 129
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Columbus, OH  - Church Safety event - September 7, 2024.  Click here for more information and to register. Feel free ask me more about the event by stopping by my "contact" page on this website. 


** Please understand that our presentations are on a completely different advanced standard than that of your local Law Enforcement Agency. This is important. Ask me why! 

Welcome to T4Tactics! We are clearly the leader in Advanced Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training for Churches, Businesses, Schools and Individuals. (Google us and check out our reviews and recent media coverage) We also teach safe, legal and responsible gun ownership classes. We are one of the few area businesses that are certified to teach the MULTI-STATE Concealed Permit Class. (aka Utah, Non-Resident) 

  • Located in Lynchburg, VA at 147 Mill Ridge Rd. Suite 129.

  • Ability to travel anywhere in the country. *In 2023 I hit 16 states, many multiple times - trained just over 12,000 folks. 

  • Facility reviews, threat assessment/risk management and training of all staff. 

  • Consulting HR and management on sensitive issues.

  • Complete confidentiality with all written and verbal communications. 

  • Creating Emergency Action Plans (Policy) 

  • Training is never one size fits all. Customized to your facility, type of work, clients and demographical location. 

  • T4Tactics does not deliver the typical and outdated Run, Hide, Fight. It's more than that. 

  • Ability to respond to my clients location within 24 hours of a critical incident. Reunification, de-briefing and recovery guidance. 

  • Certified in: ALERRT, CRASE, CPTED, OSHA Compliant, Member of FBI Infragard.

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Check out my friends at The Rose of Jacksonville. Christian Radio with an absolutely amazing line up of programming. Click the picture to learn more and listen anywhere in the world. Please help support this ministry. 

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