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I am a National speaker, consultant, subject matter expert on active shooter prevention and attacks. Unlike others, my scholarly information is gained from the direct testimony of victims, witnesses and investigators of some of the most horrific attacks this country has ever seen. 
Please click my "Biography" to see more about me. 

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CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW!  (434) 444-5522
22634-A Timberlake Road,
Lynchburg, VA 24502

** Please understand that our presentations are on a completely different advanced standard than that of your local Law Enforcement Agency. This is important. Ask me why! 

In 2019 T4Tactics traveled for Active Shooter Response Presentations to 19 states (some numerous times) and presented to just over 9,500 people. Audience sizes ranged from 6 to 850. All types of facilities and extremely large manufacturing businesses. We can come to you.  

Welcome to T4Tactics! We are clearly the leader in Advanced Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training for Churches, Businesses, Schools and Individuals. (Google us and check out our reviews and recent media coverage) We also teach Firearm Safety Classes which can be used for your VA Concealed Carry Permit. We are also one of the few area businesses that are certified to teach the MULTI-STATE Concealed Permit Class. (aka Utah, Non-Resident) 

T4Tactics, LLC is based in Lynchburg, VA at 22634-A Timberlake Road, I have the ability to travel anywhere in the world for the most Advanced Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training available today! I will perform a safety check of your property, train all staff in the dynamics of a violent workplace attack, set up your threat assessment team, (very critical for businesses) create your Emergency Action Plan, write policy and run practical training scenarios without promoting fear, paranoia or injuring participants. (I say that because it's happening with other companies and Law Enforcement attempting to deliver this product) This training is a much needed product and T4Tactics is making it available to the public!  This training goes well beyond the typical "Run Away, Hide from the Shooter, or Fight the bad guy" instructions. Time continuum, physical and mental dynamics of the targeted victims, what has and has not worked in the past, how to handle the situation and the aggressor both physically and mentally, survival mindset, situational awareness and so much more. Staff training is approximately 4 hours and is evidence based and extremely dynamic. T4Tactics training is not sugar-coated or exaggerated. I have trained local and out of state large corporations, churches, schools, colleges, medical offices and manufacturing facilities. (references available upon request) Finally, T4Tactics takes pride with obtaining PRIMARY SOURCE information. I have literally traveled the country interviewing survivors of numerous attacks; The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the San Bernardino Police Chief, Virginia Tech survivors, the Columbine Principal and witnesses, survivors and investigators in the Sutherland Springs Church attack, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Chicago Pizza and more. What you need is to hear this information direct and primary source. Not from someone that has learned it from sitting in a class FROM someone that learned it from sitting in a class. (get it?) Denial is not a valid defense. Call us now and find out how to keep your facility patrons safe and alive, reduce civil liability, reduce insurance costs and have a PLAN B! 

Certified in ALERRT, CRASE and CPTED. Federal Government and OSHA compliant.  Member of INFRAGARD - FBI partnered information sharing platform. 

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We're running an aggressive personal safety campaign for 2023. Check out the podcast (click above) and listen to FYV23. #FYV23 (Fear your victim) - Discounted classes and advanced training. 
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