Virginia and the Multi-State Concealed Permit Class Schedule

May 2021 - To register, just go to the contact us page and send me your name and date you'd like to attend. 

Saturday 05-01-21 - God and Guns Bible study 5-7pm

Sunday 05-02-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit  - 1-4pm

Monday 05-03-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit Class 9-12

Tuesday 05-04-21 - CLOSED 

Wednesday 05-05-21 - Private Class

Thursday 05-06-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit 3-6pm

Friday 05-07-21 - Private Class

Saturday 05-08-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit - 9-12pm  - Ladies Holster and Self Defense Expo 1-6pm.

Sunday 05-09-21 - Closed for Mothers Day!  

Monday 05-10-21 - Private Class - Women's Handgun Defense 

Tuesday  05-11-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit 3-6pm

Wednesday  05-12-21 - Active Shooter Training - Private

Thursday 05-13-21 - Active Shooter Training - Private 

Friday 05-14-21 - Utah Multi-State Permit 12-4pm

Saturday 05-15-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit- 9-12pm

Sunday 05-16-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit- 1-4pm 

Monday 05-17-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit 9-12

Tuesday 05-18-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit- 3-6pm 

Wednesday 05-19-21 - Active shooter at local church

Thursday 05-20-21 - Active Shooter at local church

Friday 05-21-21 - Private Class 

Saturday 05-22-21 - Private Class 

Sunday 05-23-21 - Gun cleaning class 6-8pm  

Monday 05-24-21 - Situational Awareness Class 5-9pm

Tuesday 05-25-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit 3-6pm

Wednesday 05-26-21 - Private Class 

Thursday 05-27-21 - Private Class  

Friday 05-28-21 - Private Class

Saturday 05-29-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit - 3-6pm

Sunday 05-30-21 - Utah/Multi-State Concealed Permit- 1-5pm

Monday 05-31-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit - 9-12pm

June 2021  - To register, just go to the contact us page and send me your name and date you'd like to attend. 

Tuesday 06-01-21 - God and Guns Bible study 5-7pm

Wednesday 06-02-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit  - 9-12pm

Thursday 06-03-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit Class  3-6pm

Friday 06-04-21 - CLOSED

Saturday 06-05-21 - Private Class

Sunday 06-06-21 - Closed

Monday 06-07-21 - Private Class

Tuesday 06-08-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit - 3-6pm

Wednesday 06-09-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit - 9-12pm 

Thursday 06-10-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit 3-6pm 

Friday 06-11-21 - ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE - 5-8pm (Public)

Saturday 06-12-21 - Active Shooter Training - Out of area.

Sunday 06-13-21 - Active Shooter Training - Out of state

Monday 06-14-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit- 9-12pm

Tuesday 06-15-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit- 3-6pm

Wednesday 06-16-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit- 9-12pm 

Thursday 06-17-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit 3-6pm

Friday 06-18-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit- 9-12pm 

Saturday 06-19-21 - Private Concealed Permit Class 

Sunday 06-20-21 - Utah Non Resident/Multi-State 1-5pm

Monday 06-21-21 - Private Class 

Tuesday 06-22-21 - Private Class 

Wednesday 06-23-21 - Gun cleaning class 6-8pm  

Thursday 06-24-21 - Realtor Safety Class - Private

Friday 06-25-21 - Closed

Saturday 06-26-21 -  Virginia Concealed Permit Class 9-12pm

Sunday 06-27-21 - Private Class  

Monday 06-28-21 - Private Class

Tuesday 06-29-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit - 3-6pm

Wednesday 06-30-21 - Virginia Concealed Permit - 9-12pm


TO REGISTER, JUST GO TO THE "CONTACT US" PAGE, SEND ME YOUR NAME AND DATE YOU'D LIKE TO ATTEND. The Virginia Concealed Permit Course is the BASIC firearm safety class. This class is geared for students that have never fired a gun before. We will cover EVERYTHING with plenty of time for lots of questions. At the end of the classroom portion, we'll go to the range and make sure you're comfortable with your pistol. You'll have your certificate to apply for your concealed permit. 

God and Guns Class - We'll have a bible study, prayer for our country here at the office then go to the range and work on our skills. FREE!

Ladies night at T4Tactics - Great networking opportunity. Find out what holster works best for you, what guns other ladies carry and more. We might clean guns one night or do stop the bleed, CPR or have a lesson on safety, self defense and or situational awareness. The topics are endless. Then it's off to the range to work on our skills. $20 for the class plus range fee.  

To sign up for any of my classes, simply go to the contact page, send me your name and contact number and I'll respond. Pay at the time of the class. 

If these dates do not work for you and or your group, contact me and I'll create a class that will work with your unique or busy schedule. 

Many questions, including pricing can be answered on the FAQ or Services page. 

As always, feel free to "shoot" me a phone call and I'll answer any questions. 

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