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Daytona Beach, FL

Lynchburg, VA

Marko Galbreath


Marko's bio and company history


                  Discussing Active

 Shooter Response Training and Policy.

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“I am a national speaker, consultant, subject matter expert on active shooter prevention and attacks. Unlike others, my scholarly information is gained from the direct testimony of victims, witnesses, and investigators of some of the most horrific attacks this country has ever seen.”


Marko’s 22-year career as a police Sergeant in the Daytona Beach, FL area allowed him to be a Commander of the Hostage Negotiations / Rescue Team, a SWAT team member and a Special Investigations / Major Case Unit Supervisor investigating a vast majority of complex cases. For many years, Marko was assigned to an FBI task force responsible for investigating violent organized criminal enterprises. 


Throughout 17 years of his police career, Marko was an adjunct instructor teaching special tactical situations to police officers among other courses. With this knowledge and training, Marko has commanded numerous critical incidents and was awarded law enforcements highest honor, the medal of valor, for three separate incidents throughout his career. Marko has worked on numerous U.S. Customs, FBI and DEA Task Forces and has been involved since 2013 with providing dignitary protection in Washington, DC for a National Conference regarding the Congressional Hearings on Terrorism. 


In June 2022, Marko assisted the United States Secret Service and the DC Capitol Police with the visit of the President of Guatemala to Washington, DC. This visit also included coordinating the movement of the Israel Ambassador and the Ambassador of Bahrain. 


Among many qualifications, Marko is “certified” to teach active shooter under the CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events), ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). However, as the owner and instructor of T4Tactics, LLC, Marko recognizes it takes much more than being “certified” to truly understand active shooter events/attacks. To have a deeper understanding of active shooter attacks, he has personally traveled the country interviewing investigators, witnesses,’ and survivors of some of the most horrific and unthinkable acts of violence. To name a few, the Pulse Nightclub, Columbine, San Bernardino, VA Tech, Sutherland Springs Church, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, Chicago Pizza, Platte Canyon High School, West Freeway Church of Christ and more recently UVA, Chesapeake Wal-Mart. Marko recognizes the importance of his audience truly understanding the truth and exactly what occurred during these attacks.


Recently, Marko has traveled to 19 states and trained just over 9,500 people on this topic. Marko has spoken at large conferences, trained banks, large and small manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical companies, auto manufacturers, road and building construction companies, schools, colleges, and churches along with medical facilities. He is unique to this industry because he delivers information from the primary source of victims, witnesses and law enforcement directly involved with the scene. What the participants of his presentations must hear is what worked and what did not work in these unthinkable attacks. 


Marko and T4Tactics were recently the feature of a documentary on Active Shooter events and training produced by the United States Department of the Interior, United States Agency for Global Media, Voice of America. It is currently being aired worldwide and in 42 different languages. 


Marko is also a Mass Casualty, Critical Incident Responder with NOVA. (National Organization for Victim Assistance) and the NCRT. (National Crisis Response Team)


Marko has been a regular subject matter expert, contributor of information, on the national news network, Newsmax with Sean Spicer. He has also been a contributor of information during a live interview with GBN, Great Britain News Channel. He is also a contributor of information for the Washington Post, The Washington National, The Daily Mail, NYC, along with TV and talk radio outlets in Virginia, Florida and North Carolina. 


Currently Marko owns and operates T4Tactics located at 22634 Timberlake RD, Lynchburg Virginia. 


T4Tactics teaches firearm safety for the VA and Multi-state Concealed Permits, Situational Awareness Classes, Personal Protection in the Home, Advanced Combat and Tactical Pistol and AR-15 courses, along with pepper spray and self-defense. 

Combined with over 25 years of police experience, personal interviews of victims, witnesses and law enforcement of active shooter attacks, I'm also certified in ALERRT, CRASE and CPTED. OSHA, FBI, and Dept of Homeland Security Compliant. 
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