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Located at 147 Mill Ridge Rd, Suite 129 in Lynchburg, VA - By appointment only please. 

Firearm Safety Class -  If you are participating in the firearm safety / concealed permit / multi-state class, I do not allow any late arrivals. It is disrespectful to the other students that made it on time and you'll miss some high liability conversations at the start of the class. I also do not allow anyone to "audit" my classes. I'm asked often, "can I just sit in, I already have my concealed permit?"  - I sell education and knowledge. Trust me, in my class, you'll learn a few things.

We are located at 147 Mill Ridge Road in Lynchburg, VA. Some GPS units may take you to the auto repair business next door. Most of my classes are on the weekends and after business hours. When you get to the Lynchburg Business Center at 147 Mill Ridge Rd, if the main glass doors are locked, please look to the left of those doors, you'll see a grey metal door. I'll have that open for you. If you have any problems, just call my cell at 434 444-5522. I'll be glad to help you out the best I can. Finally, being nervous about a class like this is completely normal. I'll take my time and we will get you through it and you'll be "high fiving" me out of excitement when we're finished. If you are nervous or apprehensive, let me know and I'll set you at ease! 

Church Safety Tips - Do not live stream your service. Delay it by at least 20 minutes or even the next Sunday. The Sutherland Springs church attacker that killed 26 planned the attack so it would be live streamed. Several other shooters have done the same. People are disrupting church services now during live stream to get that "exposure" on the electronic transmission. If we can create "baby steps" with safety in our Houses of Worship, soon we'll be a much harder target to attack.

Further, do not call your safety team a "security team." When people tell me they have a church "security team" the first thing that comes to my mind is they have been trained wrong. If you use the word "security" and you have to take action, criminal and civil litigation may follow. You may be asked to provide "Security Officer Training" which you don't need for a church. Just call it a Safety Team, Ushers, Greeters, or Grounds Crew. 

How do we get started for active shooter training for our church, school, business or facility? Contact me and we’ll discuss the location. I’ll send you a very detailed, easy to understand proposal outlining every detail. After that, I’ll schedule a time to come out and do a complete facility review.  I’ll suggest changes to the facility in order to make it a hard target without creating the look of a prison. We also will create ways to have the building work for you instead of against you in the event of the unthinkable.  I’ll then create a customized three-hour training for your facility.  My presentations are not one size fits all and are specific to your site, employees, patrons and clients. After this training, which can be completed at a time to meet your scheduling needs, I’ll sit down with critical staff and guide you through setting up your Threat Assessment Team.  We’ll brainstorm the risk vulnerabilities that exist within your complex and discuss the dynamics of stopping threats. This usually takes about two hours. 


Do you shoot blanks, make us fight and destroy the room? Absolutely not, but I do show some easy to use pistol, rifle and shotgun disarming drills. My training will review special techniques used to neutralize the attacker. T4Tactics training is not set up to get people injured during training or to promote fear. This topic is unsettling enough to many already.  My training will create the skills, knowledge and confidence to survive an attack.  T4tactics will create winners and survivors. 


How much do you charge for Active Shooter Response Training and can you travel? It’s extremely affordable for businesses large or small. I am not in this business to get rich but to reduce injury and save lives.  The only discounts I offer are to Houses of Worship. I am a believer that the flock must be kept safe. I absolutely do travel. In 2019 I went to 19 states, some numerous times, and presented to just over 9,500 people. 


What size business can you handle? I’ve trained mom and pop stores, big and small churches and businesses that manufacture products you’ve probably already had several times this week.  T4Tactics has presented to auto manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, chain grocery and gas station style operations. I have presented in rooms as with 4 people all the way up to 850. My usual presentations are between 75 to 300 attendees. My clients remain strictly confidential but reference can be obtained upon written request. 


Where do you get your information? Good question, thanks for asking. Please see my bio for my law enforcement background. For my presentations, every single word you’ll hear me say is from those directly involved in a particular active shooter attack. I have personally interviewed victims, witnesses and investigating law enforcement. Although I have attended several certification courses for active shooter, I don’t base my presentations solely on them. Unlike others delivering this product, including law enforcement, primary source, evidence-based information is top priority. There is just no other way. Be careful whom you choose in this training. Look at their background. 


What about your firearm safety classes? I currently teach the firearm safety class which can be used to get your Virginia CCP. The class is about 2 hours of classroom and hands on. I go well beyond the minimum standards required to teach this class. We start at the very basic and go all the way to getting you comfortable. Many of my students are first time shooters and are extremely apprehensive with pistols. If this is the case, we'll make an appointment to go to the range. I'll walk you through everything and stand right next to you while you shoot. I highly recommend this for first time shooters or those that are nervous. (Being nervous is absolutely normal) Trust me, when you leave the range after shooting, you’ll be excited and hooked.  


I also teach the Multi-State CCP which is also known as the Utah non-resident. It will boost your reciprocity in other states. It’s also a great back up permit to the Va CCP. (That’s currently why many are taking it) In order to apply for the Multi-state, you must have your Va CCP. This class is $100 and 4 hours. It requires fingerprinting and a photograph, which we do for $15 each or you are free to do them both on your own. For more information on reciprocity or the mult-state, please see


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