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Individual Instruction

Active Shooter response 


firearm safety



active shooter response


firearm safety


Evidence based curriculum with a goal to bring a heightened level of situational awareness to any particular environment. This is a product that has become necessary and creates a survival mindset. This training is not "one size fits all" but is carefully customized to fit your facility. Participants will be trained,  familiar, and practiced on response goals which will make a significant difference in the event of the unthinkable, an Active Shooter Event.  We train small and large businesses, schools and colleges, Houses of Worship, manufacturing facilities, private groups and individuals. Courses can be presented anywhere in the United States. (Travel fees apply) 

TOPICS INCLUDE but are not limited to:

  • Why this training?

  • Profile of an Active Shooter

  • Many complex developmental stages of an active shooter. 

  • Identifying a future threat

  • Threat Assessment Team set up. (critical for businesses and churches)

  • Detailed review of Columbine, VA Tech, The Pulse Nightclub, Platte Canyon High School, San Bernardino Dept of Social Services, Sutherland Springs Baptist Church and the shooting of of Congressman Steve Scalise (This information comes from personal one-on-one interviews from survivors and not the internet or media) 

  • HR and management responsibilities before, during and after an attack. 

  • Situational Mindset

  • Survival Mentality, Rise to the occasion 

  • Dealing with extreme stress, time continuum, body factors, changing your "attitude" on stress. 

  • Surviving the attack - what do do!

  • Components of effective training and the importance of training.

  • Practical exercise, disarming and handling the "bad guy." 

  • The creation of a working Emergency Action Plan for your particular location. 

  • Creation of Policy and Procedure. 


What would you do  RIGHT NOW  if you heard screaming and shots being fired? Did you hesitate with your answer? If you did, you do not have a plan. Where is your closest exit, hiding place? Do you have the means to protect yourself and BE HARD TO KILL? Do you even know how your body is going to respond under extreme stress? Be trained, be skilled and survive the unthinkable! HAVE A PLAN B! 

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Lynchburg, VA 24502


This course is extremely informative and unique. It will focus on giving the attendee a very broad understanding on recognizing, avoiding and overcoming a violent attack and criminal behavior. This class is not scheduled traditionally like my other classes. It is one-on-one or set up for families and or team building for work groups. The course is $75 for each individual. (Discounts are available, so ask) Affordable family and group rates are available. For more on this class, please watch the video on my Marko Galbreath You Tube Channel. Copy and past this link or click the icon.  

        ABOVE IS THE FEATURED VIDEO - For more, please check out and subscribe to the "Marko Galbreath" You Tube Channel. 
Please contact us for Active Shooter
Response Training Pricing here or 
call direct at (434) 444-5522. 

Why choose us for your training? 

As a retired police Sergeant from Daytona Beach, FL, I have spent 17 of those 22 years as a Firearms Instructor an Instructor to in-service police officers at Daytona State College and an Adjunct Instructor with the Daytona State College Police Academy. I was assigned to the SWAT team and was a Commander of the Hostage Negotiation Rescue Team. I teach firearm safety classes from the Basic NRA Curriculum of Firearm Safety (Certified Instructor with the NRA and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations) but I also add lots and lots of personal experiences that I have learned throughout my career. I pride myself in making sure no student leaves my classroom with any questions or concerns. Individual instruction is available. This topic is too important and responsible gun ownership is crucial. 


Firearm safety courses start at $99.00 and are geared for individuals with little to no experience with a handgun. Teens and women have successfully completed this course with a more confident level of knowledge. This course also covers the wide variety of handguns available for recreational use, carrying concealed, home protection and more. This course qualifies you to apply for a concealed handgun permit. We also teach the MULTI-STATE concealed permit course.  SCHEDULE - With everyone wanting their concealed permit ASAP, we're running firearm safety classes 6 days per week. Mon, Wed and Fri 9am to noon and Tue and Thurs 3pm to 6pm. Saturdays TBA. Just pick one day. To sign up, please use the contact form on the "Contact us" page. 

1 on 1 Firearms Instruction

Customized to fit your schedule and needs.

Beginner to Advanced.

Family Emergency Planning

Does your family have an action plan when out to dinner, the movies or a sporting event? 

Emergency Action Plan

Personal Protection in the

home course.

Tactical Plan and Legal Updates.

Group Firearms Class

Family, Small or Large

Business Groups.

Custom Emergency
Action Plan

Created for Your Organization

and is specific to your facility
and clients.

Corporate Presentation

For Active Shooter Response

Your Location
Your Date and Time

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