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Is your business ready for an Active Shooter?

Many businesses are now being sued due to a Supreme Court Ruling under OSHA General Duty Clause, (5) (a) 1(a) - "keeping employees safe from recognized hazards." Is your workplace, college, church, shopping mall, manufacturing facility safe? Have they been trained on every single dynamic of a violent workplace attack? Safe locking doors, safe rooms, monitors, policies, threat assessment teams, emergency action plans, trained staff on how to react properly and in a calm calculated manner? This type of training absolutely must be from scholarly sources, not sugar coated or exaggerated. It must be 100% factual and primary sourced information! T4Tactics has literally traveled the United States directly interviewing police supervisors, survivors and business owners of these unthinkable events. The San Bernardino Police Chief, The Pulse Nightclub survivors, VA tech Survivors and the Columbine Principal just to name a few.

How will your body react under extreme circumstances. Reading this your heart beat is just at 74 beats per minute. When the shooting, screaming, dying and chaos starts, you'll jump to 174 in just a fraction of a second! Your body will actually work against itself if you're not trained.

Learn the dynamics and get trained!

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