FREE Legal Update on Firearm Laws

T4Tactics, LLC in Lynchburg VA currently teaches classes on Firearm Safety, Concealed Permit Courses and the Multi-State (National) Concealed Carry Permit Course. They are also a leader in the industry on teaching and guiding businesses, houses of worship, schools, and other facilities the dynamics on the unthinkable, an Active Shooter, Violence in the workplace event. For a complete list of what they do, please see their website at Below is an upcoming FREE workshop that will be extremely valuable to you if you are a gun owner. FREE gun ownership workshop. Do you own and or carry a firearm? There are many gray areas within Virginia and Federal Law regarding gun ownership and

The truth about Charlottesville and what is next!

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – The truth about the protest demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia on the weekend of August 12, 2017 is that violence is becoming more common in every community day by day. Innocent people get targeted. Domestic violence in the workplace is at an all-time high, racial tension is ridiculous and violent crime has risen. We live in a time where we absolutely must take measures for our personal safety. T4Tactics, LLC located in Lynchburg, VA teaches firearm safety courses for general firearm safety which can be used to obtain your concealed firearms permit. They also teach Self-Defense courses that are geared to teach simple moves one can remember under stress and with

I want my concealed permit but....

In our changing times many people are turning to firearms in order to take their personal protection seriously. Have you, a loved one, relative, or friend always wanted to shoot a handgun, learn how they operate and or maybe to get your concealed permit? Maybe you or they are too afraid, nervous, or apprehensive of the gun? The “kick” which is actually called “recoil” can be frightening to many people. T4Tactics in Lynchburg, VA teaches firearm safety / concealed permit classes to those people mentioned above. Although we have the facility to instruct up to 50 students, our classroom size is usually limited to 6. We also teach individual, one-on-one classes at no extra charge. The subject ma

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