T4Tactics teaches Advanced Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training. Currently we have clients in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Texas, California and British Columbia. Because of our ethical work product, pricing and reputation are growing daily. Literally! Please allow me to share with you some valuable information on choosing a professional trainer. Why are so many people trusting “retired police officers” to guide them through what may be the most terrifying and life threatening event of their life, an Active Shooter Event. So many times I have been told, “we have a retired police officer in the congregation and he taught us how to handle

Have kids? Grandkids? Please read!

Why use T4Tactics to train your children / grandchildren to survive an Active Shooter Attack like the one yesterday at the San Bernardino Elementary school? Many parents / grandparents and guardians have already stopped reading this article. Most never clicked on it. Because you did, tells me you’re among the few that get it. You’re part of the sheepdog gang and not the sheep. Human nature, defense thought process and first line of defense is to deny it could happen in your community. Did parents waiving their kids off to school yesterday in San Bernardino think, “there will be a shooting at the school today and lives will be lost?” T4Tactics Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training ke

Concealed Permit Training

T4Tactics teaches the Concealed Carry Course in Virginia and other selected states. They also teach the Multi-State Concealed Carry Permit Course. Don’t be fooled by taking an on-line firearm safety course for your Virginia Concealed Carry Permit. Many counties in VA (and other states) do not recognize this as a valid form of training. You’ll be wasting your money. Also be very cautious of “Boothroy” that teaches concealed permit courses in his shed behind his home. There are many out there that teach concealed permit courses and are “rubber stamping” certificates. Basically, you give him money and he’ll provide you a certificate. Even if you are an expert gun handler and just need the certi

VA open carry vs concealed!

Virginia’s Open Carry Teaching civilians for the past decade gun safety courses in order for them to obtain their concealed carry permit, I’ve been asked in just about every class how I feel about “open carry” vs concealed carry. Sure it’s your second amendment right to own and carry a firearm but here are some thoughts from a professional who’s been around the block on the matter. Personal thoughts. No harm or offense intended to anyone. Everyone is entitled to carry as they please and have their own reasons. My police friends in the Daytona Beach, FL area (POPD, VCSO, SDPD, DBPD) will probably be able to figure out these thugs names as we’ve just about all witnessed or been involved in vio

Will your child make the right choice?

Will your child make the right choice? T4Tactics presents gun awareness training for children. No 2nd Amendment twist or hidden agenda. Just common rules to follow that kids remember. FUN WHILE LEARNING! So many times as a police officer, (and I’m sure you’ve seen it on the TV show COPS) I have been chasing the bad guy, the helicopter is overhead, and the K-9 is barking and closing in, what do they do moments before getting caught? They ditch anything illegal on them. Usually it’s drugs but sometimes it’s a gun. This can happen in a playground, park, schoolyard, city street, business parking lot, church or shopping plaza. Someone one day is going to find that gun. Hopefully they have been tr

Personal Protection in the Home!

Remember, we teach personal protection in the home. Course includes an inspection of your home, apartment, condo, tactical positions that can be used in the event of an attack. Tons of training on keeping you and your family safe while in your home, one-one one with an attorney that can answer questions about VA Law regarding use of force and finally, advanced shooting skills course. See our website for more or call us now! Read the article below then come back to the T4Tactics web page and see what we offer. Firearm Safety Classes Concealed Carry Permit Courses Personal protection in the Home Courses Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training Child Gun Awareness Workshops Basic Self Def

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