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Concealed Permit Training

T4Tactics teaches the Concealed Carry Course in Virginia and other selected states. They also teach the Multi-State Concealed Carry Permit Course.

Don’t be fooled by taking an on-line firearm safety course for your Virginia Concealed Carry Permit. Many counties in VA (and other states) do not recognize this as a valid form of training. You’ll be wasting your money.

Also be very cautious of “Boothroy” that teaches concealed permit courses in his shed behind his home. There are many out there that teach concealed permit courses and are “rubber stamping” certificates. Basically, you give him money and he’ll provide you a certificate. Even if you are an expert gun handler and just need the certificate for your concealed carry permit, heaven forbid you shoot someone or have an accident. The courts are going to want to see “Boothroys” lesson plan. You’ll need it to be tight and dialed in.

A basic firearm safety course should AT LEAST include, but not limited to the following;

  • A review of responsible gun ownership.

  • The four basic gun safety rules –

  1. Treat all firearms as if they were loaded.

  2. Never point a firearm, unloaded or not, at anything you are not willing to destroy.

  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to fire.

  4. Be aware of your target and what is beyond.

  • Talk about the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning a firearm safely.

  • A gun owner’s responsibility.

  • Primary causes of firearm accidents

  • Elements of firearm safety

  • Other safety considerations. This should be about 15 more talking points!

  • Gun owners and children.

  • Different types of firearms and pistols.

  • Various parts of a pistol. Describing the “action”.

  • Ammunition and safety issues

  • Ammunition malfunctions

  • Shooting fundamentals

  • Shooting Range Rules / Range safety

  • Pistol Malfunctions / Clearing

  • Cleaning firearms / safety issues and what to look for.

  • Choosing a holster

  • Choosing a firearm that is right for you.

  • Practical exercise covering all elements.

  • Recreational shooting events available to you.

  • Legal issues and how to properly research the correct answer on gun ownership, criminal and civil liability.

  • Question / Answer session, course review.

  • Firing Range

  • Question / Answer session. Making sure every single person is comfortable with what they have just learned.

To schedule a class or if you have questions. Please feel free to contact us at T4Tactics, LLC.

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