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Having to face the absolute unthinkable in your workplace, church, shopping mall or school is every person’s worst nightmare. Active shooting events are occurring more frequently throughout our country every day. The aggressor’s actions are not your fault; failure to plan and failure to train is. Everyone can help prevent and prepare for potential active threat situations. Preparation and proper training can reduce the risk of one of these incidents and, if one occurs, can mitigate or reduce the number of potential victims, civil liability and insurance costs. T4Tactics workshop is dedicated to enhance preparedness for citizens to “rise to the occasion” instead of freezing, not acting immediately or acting carelessly. Evidence based training is not sugar coated or exaggerated and will show participants how to:

  • Recognize hostile situations and attempt to diffuse them.

  • Review what led up to, what worked and didn’t work and the aftermath of the attacks at VA Tech, Columbine, The Pulse Nightclub, Platte Canyon High School and San Bernardino. This is information learned directly from survivors, Law Enforcement personnel directly at the scene and witnesses. The information is shocking and should not be restricted to Law Enforcement only.

  • The training will take you well beyond the typical “Run, Hide, Fight” that so many “professionals” are stuck on teaching.

  • Realize how everyday items along with situational awareness can be utilized to defend yourself and save your life.

  • Understand how the body reacts during extreme stressful situations.

  • Learn HR and Management responsibilities before, during and after an attack. (Threat Assessment Teams, Emergency Action Plans, Policy and Procedure)

  • Effective Training Components

  • Perform a “no-skills needed” maneuver to combat a gunman.

  • And much more!

I am a retired police Sergeant from Daytona Beach, FL and the owner / instructor for T4Tactics. I have been living in Bedford County since 2007. During my career, I was assigned to such specialized units as, Homicide Detective, Special Investigations Unit for Violent Crimes, FBI, U.S. Customs and DEA Task Forces, Navy Seal Training, Commander of the Hostage Negotiations and Rescue Team and SWAT. I have 26 years of college level teaching experience in both the law enforcement and civilian setting.

T4Tactics is the clear leader in Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training. We base our material strictly on primary sourced information. I have personally, one-on-one, interviewed the Principal of Columbine, a VA Tech survivor, and survivors of the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the San Bernardino Police Chief and the SWAT Commander of Platte Canyon High School attack. I have personally investigated many violent attacks involving multiple victims and I’ve literally traveled the country to gain reliable scholarly information to bring back to my workshops. The training is evidence based and is designed to reduce injury and save lives.

In a time where violence is becoming more common, we can no longer stand by and hope this never happens to us. Denial is not a valid defense. Learning how to respond if confronted with an active threat is not paranoia, its preparedness.

Let me help secure your facility, saves lives, prevent injuries, greatly reduce civil liability and in some cases, reduce insurance costs.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please feel free to see my website at or call (434) 444-5522.

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