What is in the T4TACTICS name?

Our name comes from the TOP FOUR (T4) Organizational skills you will need to know, practice and be familiar with is ever faced with the unthinkable, an active shooter event! So basically, the name is Top Four Tactics! We just made it shorter and much easier to remember by saying T4Tactics. We lead the area in Advanced Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training. Notice the word "advanced?" We can honestly say that because we teach so much more than the typical instructions of "run, hide, fight" - The dynamics go way beyond that! Our training is not "one size fits all" and is never sugar coated or exaggerated. Some content is unpleasant and has not been told in the media but we feel it is

Is your business ready for an Active Shooter?

Many businesses are now being sued due to a Supreme Court Ruling under OSHA General Duty Clause, (5) (a) 1(a) - "keeping employees safe from recognized hazards." Is your workplace, college, church, shopping mall, manufacturing facility safe? Have they been trained on every single dynamic of a violent workplace attack? Safe locking doors, safe rooms, monitors, policies, threat assessment teams, emergency action plans, trained staff on how to react properly and in a calm calculated manner? This type of training absolutely must be from scholarly sources, not sugar coated or exaggerated. It must be 100% factual and primary sourced information! T4Tactics has literally traveled the United States d

Why Firearm Safety Training is so important!

Gun safety training should not be just to get your concealed permit! It should not start at the gun store. It should start with a reputable, instructor, who is backed up with scholarly integrity. Take a class that teaches you the BASICS of gun safety and covers, responsible ownership, keeping the gun away from unauthorized owners, handling the gun, safety aspects of handling, storing and carrying a gun. How it operates, what makes it fire, jams, reasons for jams, ammunition, techniques of firing the gun, hands on demonstrations in the classroom with training guns and "dummy" ammo rounds. Even a portion of cleaning, inspecting your particular gun to make sure that it is always safe to fire. A

Concealed Carry Classes

T4Tactics in Lynchburg, VA serving Forest, Bedford, Moneta, Roanoke and surrounding agencies has some tips for you when selecting a company for firearm safety training, Active Shooter Awareness and Response Classes and Personal Protection in the home classes and the Multi-State Concealed permit course. 1. Make sure the company is licensed, insured and has a brick and mortar location. Legitimacy will start here! 2. Look at the instructors background and credentials. Do they have the training and life experience needed to teach the courses not only by the minimum training standards but well above. The instructor should have personal knowledge of every powerpoint slide or topic which is being t

Active Shooter Response Training

ADVANCED ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE TRAINING - Evidence based curriculum with a goal to bring a heightened level of situational awareness to any particular environment. This is a product that has become necessary and creates a survival mindset. This training is not "one size fits all" but is carefully customized to fit your facility. Participants will be trained, familiar, and practiced on response goals which will make a significant difference in the event of the unthinkable, an Active Shooter Event. We train small and large businesses, schools, colleges, Houses of Worship, manufacturing facilities, private groups and individuals. Courses start at $525.00 and can be presented anywhere in the

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