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Why take the Multi-state Concealed Class

Many times I’ll post on my website and or social media that I’m running the Multi-state concealed carry permit. It’s an “upgrade” to the Virginia permit.

Some people will ask, why is this necessary? Here are some facts and reasons to get the Utah non-resident aka Multi-state Concealed Permit.

· First off, being a retired police officer, I qualify to carry concealed in all 50 states under HR218, the LEOSA. (Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act) – With this free perk, I still choose to keep a valid Virginia and Multi-state permit. Why? Because things can change. Laws can change. Remember years back reciprocity was removed from the VA CCP?

· You can never have enough training. As an instructor, I am always taking “professional development” classes. If you’re ever involved in an incident with your firearm, or even self-defense, it’s extremely important that you’re able to show a legal, professionalized standard of training. Life is a not Hollywood movie folks. Being involved in a self-defense shooting incident involves interviews. Possible criminal charges because you didn’t follow the color of the law. Civil suits and lots of your hard owned money spent on legal defense.

· On the witness stand, you’ll be asked about your training. (Or at least your attorney will need to produce training where they at bare minimum covered the basic requirements to obtain the certificate) Your instructor will be called in as well and for your sake, you’d better hope he or she is dialed in.

· The Multi-state, in many cases can add to your reciprocity, which is great if you travel.

· Finally and off track a little – get some legal defense for self-defense. There are programs out there, which are extremely affordable and cover 100% of your legal defense fees if ever needed. These programs come with lots of perks too. Contact me and I’ll steer you in the right direction. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and you’ll need a well seasoned criminal defense attorney to speak on your behalf.

· For more information on the multi-state permit, you can look at the website of the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. They are the issuing authority for the permit and have a wealth of information on their website.

· Prior to taking the multi-state, you’ll need your home state CCP. Contact me with any questions.


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