Failing to train is training to fail!

What is the importance of learning new skills and practices? T4Tactics teaches Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training for civilians, churches, schools, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities and any other locations humans have access to. T4Tactics also teaches the firearm safety / concealed courses for State and Multi-State Concealed Permits. Sometimes I get asked, (or told) “why do you teach such a morbid, dark topic” or most common, “this is teaching people to live in fear, not enjoy life and it will never happen here.” I totally respect a person’s individual decision not to own or carry a firearm for personal protection. They have their reasons. I also respect someone’s deci

What I learned from T4Tactics

Wow! This was an eye opening experience. I never thought of half of these things brought up in this class. I went in the T4TACTICS office building with my parents thinking that these things would never happen to me, so why prepare for them? But that’s exactly what the people thought in the Virginia Tech, Columbine and many other shootings. Now I am much more aware than when I walked in the door because the next major shooting could be at my school. I now know not only what to do with myself if I hear BANG! BANG! BANG! down the hallway at my school, but also how to protect my peers too. There is no doubt this should be taught in schools everywhere. We have fire drills about 5 times a year, wh

Is your trainer trained?

As I tour the country with T4Tactics teaching businesses, churches, schools, medical facilities the dynamics of Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training, I'm often told several responses. "We have a retired deputy / police officer in our congregation and he / she taught us Active Shooter Response." "We had the local police department come by and they gave us an hour presentation on the topic." "We don't have the type of facility that is subject to an active shooter." Although many businesses, churches, schools and other facilities do have some very fine current and or retired law enforcement officers within their ranks, here is the question you must ask yourself. They may be highly ski

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