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Failing to train is training to fail!

What is the importance of learning new skills and practices?

T4Tactics teaches Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training for civilians, churches, schools, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities and any other locations humans have access to. T4Tactics also teaches the firearm safety / concealed courses for State and Multi-State Concealed Permits.

Sometimes I get asked, (or told) “why do you teach such a morbid, dark topic” or most common, “this is teaching people to live in fear, not enjoy life and it will never happen here.”

I totally respect a person’s individual decision not to own or carry a firearm for personal protection. They have their reasons. I also respect someone’s decision to elect not to be trained and prepared for a violent attack as in an Active Shooter. People have different backgrounds and personal beliefs. I get it!

My question to them is - do they have a fire extinguisher in their home? Do they carry fire / theft insurance? Do they wear their seatbelt in the car? Put their kid in a child seat while traveling? Get a flu shot? Lock their front door when they leave their house? These are all protective measures that Americans participate in every single day.

In 1974 when “Stop, drop and roll” was introduced as a way to teach children what to do in the event they catch on fire, parents were enraged that they were being taught such a thing in school. Now we don’t even give it a second thought.

We’ve not had a child killed in a school fire since 1958. But yet look at how many children we’ve lost to violence within a school property.

The Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training T4Tactics delivers contains valuable skills used in everyday life. We talk about situational awareness, controlling your temper, reacting with others in a crisis and as a team, and controlling the attack. How do you control your heart rate going from 78 BPM to 178 BPM. The adrenaline dump is absolutely ridiculous. Most have never experienced that type of stress before. It’s the stress you feel when you’re getting ready to die. To the unaware and the untrained, the body literally shuts down. It physically and mentally shuts down. Not the type you get when you run a traffic light and a cop gets behind you, lose your wallet at the mall, fired from your job or even the death of a family member. T4Tcatics teaches how to harness real stress and how to do it immediately. We teach you how to react immediately, in a coordinated, controlled response and to survive.

You absolutely must know the enemy. Not meant as on a personal relationship but generally as an aggressive person trying to kill you and others. You must, without doubt or hesitation stop the bad guys / gals plan of attack.

Do you think the Pulse Nightclub victims thought they would be shot and killed while enjoying a night out with friends? Did the San Bernardino Social Service employees victims think for one second that during their CHRISTMAS PARTY a well liked co-worker who they had just thrown a baby shower for several months earlier would return with his wife and kill them? Even leaving an explosive device behind to finish off any survivors, first responders and media? VA Tech - what did those victims think while walking to their classroom? I’m sure they thought how boring the professor’s lecture would be and just another routine day towards their degree. Think any of the vacationing families in the Ft Lauderdale airport planned to be shot and killed in the baggage claim area that day? THE BAGGAGE CLAIM AREA!

It is happening more and more around us every day. In the past 10 years we’ve gone from living in condition white to condition yellow.

October 25, 2016 in Roanoke, VA a an armed attack occurred at Freight Car America. Do you know what kept the fatality rate down to just one person and just two injured? The employees had just received training on Active Shooter Response! Trained employees did what they were trained to do and responded in a well-coordinated, planned escape. Their employer / managers saw the need for this pro-active training earlier and made it happen. Not because they saw the shooter as a threat, but because they saw the need for the training. The shooter was well below everyone’s radar and was an ex-employee, long removed from the picture. Management made the pro-active step and it paid off.

Our courses teach attendees to enjoy life. Travel. Go out to eat, the movies, shows, parks, shopping malls and explore. Just learn, be aware and ready to rise to the occasion if needed. Teach your kids the meaning of situational awareness. Look up once in a while. Study your surroundings.

Any additional education is power and power is success.

If you are failing to train you are training to fail!

An Active Shooter enters your location, starts firing and it immediately it becomes “crazy town” at your location! You’d better be trained, well practiced and the MAYOR of “crazy town!”

Be safe everyone!

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