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I call this blog “POMM” – Peace Of Mind Maintenance.

Shooting a gun is a perishable skill. In order to keep it sharp, when your life may depend on it, you’ll need to practice. Muscle memory, basic fundamentals and safety are all key points. We’re living in a world that delivers condition yellow to us daily and we need to recognize it.

My wife is not really a fan of shooting guns. She sees the importance of them and supports the Second Amendment. She has her concealed permit and carries often. I “qualify” her about once every six months to make sure she keeps those skills sharp.

We practice in the rain, snow, wind, heat, day and night. Bad guys don’t just attack on a 78-degree spring day in the middle of the afternoon.

Today I ran her through a stress course at our range. Yes, it’s uncomfortably hot, humid and she has a ton of other things to be doing on her day off. Now I come along and throw this at her.

We practiced situational awareness, reading dangerous predatory clues, physically fighting off an attacker and drawing her gun from the place where she carries it. This is maintaining “muscle memory.” We practiced what our Plan B is if we’re together during an attack or she’s by herself.

To get the blood pumping and adrenaline going, she flipped a tire a few times, ran, and did push-ups. She shot left handed, right handed, behind cover and worked on “combat re-loading” all while maintaining distance and cover. She knows to stay on the move during an attack and to fight violence with superior violence.

Seeing her practice like this and watching her confidence level continuously rise makes me happy and gives me comfort as well.

The training only took us a few hours and will cost me dinner tonight somewhere nice. Maybe even a shopping trip to the mall. Not sure, we’ll see.

But take a minute to imagine the consequences of not having a plan at all. Many people unfortunately don’t. When the attack starts, the time to prepare has well passed. Hopefully this training I put her through will be the biggest waste of time ever and she’ll never have to use it.

Not one single person is responsible for your personal safety. It all falls on your shoulders 24/7. Believe anything different and you’ll fail. “Alpha” family members, “Sheepdogs” train your loved ones. Take care of them.

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