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22 years as a cop in the Daytona Beach area, SWAT Assignments, FBI / DEA Task Forces on violent crimes and drugs, Special Investigations Unit, Hostage Negotiator, 3 years of Dignitary Protection in Washington DC for Legislative Hearings on Terrorism, extensive travel for studies of Active Shooter Investigations and studies in human behavior, I’ve picked up some things along the way………. THOUGHTS FOR THE SHEEPDOG: (in no specific order and may not necessarily be for everyone – sheep do not need to read) I ALWAYS keep my ego in check. Tattoos and attire don’t make a tough guy! A beard doesn’t make someone tough. Many dogs bark but never bite. Posers exist. Always watch the quiet ones. There’s

Why us? A MUST read!

T4Tactics teaches concealed permit / firearm safety classes all over the country but is home based in Lynchburg. We primarily instruct in Lynchburg, Roanoke and Danville, Virginia areas. We stand far above our competitors because we recognize the following; Safe gun ownership is a huge responsibility! Carrying Concealed is an even bigger responsibility. One that many cannot even comprehend, and are surprised when they hear the safety considerations involved in doing so. Normally our classes are kept at no more than six students. We want people to feel comfortable in a small group, encourage questions without the thought of feeling “embarrassed.” Nobody leaves without a 100% understanding of

National Concealed Carry

T4Tactics, LLC located in Lynchburg, VA and offers firearm safety classes, concealed carry permit training for the VA permit and the Multi-State Concealed Permit. IF PRESIDENT TRUMP will attempt to create a Federal Concealed Carry Permit there will be lots of resistance from our northeastern states along with CA, IL, NY, NJ and HI. It will be a long hard battle with many democratic controlled states resisting. I hope it goes through but the outcome is grim. Food for thought - it would be a very wise move to get your own states concealed permit BEFORE this occurs. Laws, training and requirements will change. One of the reasons Utah’s non-resident concealed permit (aka the MULTI-STATE CONCEALE


Saturday February 11, 9am to noon, Lynchburg, VA - $50 - ACTIVE SHOOTER AWARENESS AND RESPONSE TRAINING FOR CIVILIANS. What would you do if you were in the baggage claim area of the Ft Lauderdale airport when the shots rang out? The Pulse Nightclub? The Social Services meeting in San Bernardino? Closer to home like Freight Car America in Roanoke? VA Tech? The church in Charleston? Everyone has visited or will visit facilities like those. Do you have a Plan B? Is your strongest defense the denial that it won’t happen to you, or your family? This three-hour course will review some of the most unthinkable Active Shooter events in U.S. history. You’ll hear details that the media does not release

Active Shooter Response Training

Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training, Firearm Safety Classes for the Virginia Concealed Permit and the Multi-State Concealed Permit Course along with Personal Protection Courses for; in and out of the home is what T4Tactics, LLC does. We do not do anything else. We do not sell firearms, ammo or tactical products. Why? We spend our time just being great at what we do. Yea, it’s that way! Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training – We train schools, houses of worship, businesses, manufacturing facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, malls, exercise facilities and other locations along with individuals the dynamics and skills it takes to survive such an unthinkable event. Under th

Active Shooter Response Training for Civilians in Public Venues

ADVANCED ACTIVE SHOOTER AWARENESS AND RESPONSE TRAINING FOR CITIZENS IN PUBLIC PLACES - Evidence based curriculum with a goal to bring a heightened level of situational awareness to any particular environment. This is a product that has become necessary and creates a survival mindset through situational awareness. This training is not "one size fits all" but is carefully customized to fit any private facility or public venue you or your family may visit. Participants will be trained, familiar, and practiced on response goals, which will make a significant difference in the event of the unthinkable, an Active Shooter Event. We train small and large businesses, schools, and colleges, Houses o

Is your House of Worship safe?

With recent developments in terror intelligence from the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Houses of Worship are becoming more and more of a direct target from radicalized terror both foreign and domestic than any other time in our history. Does your House of Worship have a plan? Many churches I visit tell me, “we have retired police officer / deputy / prior military member in our congregation and he / she has set up a security team”. I ask directly, have they really? They may have some excellent training and the very best intentions but have they had formal training that gives them the scholarly credentials and knowledge to set up such a plan? Did th

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