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Words to LIVE by.........

22 years as a cop in the Daytona Beach area, SWAT Assignments, FBI / DEA Task Forces on violent crimes and drugs, Special Investigations Unit, Hostage Negotiator, 3 years of Dignitary Protection in Washington DC for Legislative Hearings on Terrorism, extensive travel for studies of Active Shooter Investigations and studies in human behavior, I’ve picked up some things along the way……….

THOUGHTS FOR THE SHEEPDOG: (in no specific order and may not necessarily be for everyone – sheep do not need to read)

  • I ALWAYS keep my ego in check. Tattoos and attire don’t make a tough guy! A beard doesn’t make someone tough. Many dogs bark but never bite. Posers exist. Always watch the quiet ones. There’s always going to be someone smarter, well skilled and better trained than me. More than likely, I’ll cross their path daily and never know it.

  • The world we live in has changed! I recognize we live in “condition yellow.” I’m always aware of my surroundings. I practice situational awareness constantly.

  • Believing the unthinkable will never happen to you is not a valid defense.

  • When possible, I stay away from crowds. At the mall, I walk to the side, not with the traveling pack. I bypass the elevator and take the stairs. I sit in the back of the restaurant. Get the drift?

  • The best way to win a fight is to not be in one in the first place. Verbal judo is a wonderful thing. Deflect all you can.

  • When someone approaches me, I’ve already figured out several ways to “neutralize” him or her immediately. Everyone! Every time! Don’t under estimate people. Don’t judge a book by the cover.

  • Carry concealed and go unnoticed. Don’t brag about it. The first rule of concealed club, is not talking about concealed club!

  • I’m not afraid to say, “I don’t know.” – But shortly after, I’ll go find the answer from a reliable source.

  • Don’t be a jerk. Hold the door for people. Have manners. I’m nice and approachable to everyone until their actions make me change my tone. Like my 105-pound Doberman often says to me, “Daddy, I’m nice to everyone but if someone is mean to me or mine, nice is not what they will remember me by!” Get some!

  • While in traffic I leave myself an out. Don’t get right up on someone at a traffic light. You may quickly need a way out.

  • I always strive to do better.

  • I worship the ground my wife walks on. She keeps me going. We are best friends. I will take care of her needs before mine and her safety is of huge importance to me!

  • I have trained my wife on how I will react in numerous situations and what she should do. She is always on board and ready to rise to the occasion if necessary.

  • IF I have to draw my firearm, it will be to immediately fire with speed and accuracy. When it is removed from the holster, chaos has already started! I don’t carry it to threaten or warn people.

  • I know my abilities and don’t try to outperform them. I practice to make those challenges more accurate.

  • I always back my car in to the space. Never know when I will have to leave or reposition in a hurry.

  • I practice with my firearm often. Daylight, nighttime, hot and cold days.

  • Recognize that God has a plan for you. Read his words often. A great warrior knows if he fails on the battlefield, his reward comes quickly in meeting the King of Kings! Don’t be afraid to meet him after fighting an evil man.

  • I go to the gym often. Train muscles and their memory.

  • Practice combat breathing! It does amazing things!

  • I don’t get in a routine people can learn.

  • Failing to train is training to fail! Someone out there right now, is planning an attack!

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