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T4Tactics - Active Shooter Training

There are several different approaches to presenting and understanding Active Shooter attacks. T4Tactics has a clear understanding of this and presents the topic with a broad, evidence-based, primary source understanding and approach. Every person and or entity below looks at, and has been trained differently, on active shooter awareness and response.

  1. Law Enforcement / SWAT

  2. School Administrators

  3. Management

  4. Human Resource

  5. Civilians

  6. Self Defense Experts

  7. Past and Present Members of the Military

  8. Fire Services and EMT’s

  9. Law Makers and Politicians

10. Survivors and Witnesses of past attacks

11. Pastors and Mental Health Experts

Before participating in any Active Shooter Training it is absolutely critical to make sure you and your facility are not receiving a “one-sided” approach to this type of training.

Remember, every profession and “expert” has their view and take on these unthinkable events.

T4Tactics, LLC has traveled in the past 18 months to 15 states delivering this critical training. The information comes from sitting down face to face with investigators, witnesses and survivors and asking what actually occurred. With that information, a briefing is brought back to you, the consumer. T4Tactics, LLC does not deliver information gained from books, news sources, the internet or documentaries as those many times have been sugar-coated and or exaggerated.

So the next time you ask your phone, “find active shooter training near me” – Make sure it’s reliable, professional, and scholarly and is geared for many different facilities and lifestyles. This training should never be “one size fits all.”

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