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What we do at T4Tactics

Why do we run concealed carry and firearm safety classes six days per week? Because I believe everyone, regardless of their work schedule, busy life, should be afforded the opportunity to take a “concealed carry class near me.” – Classes need to be in a comfortable setting with the proper classroom experience. Whether you’re after your concealed carry permit, your multi-state concealed carry permit or would just like to take a basic firearm safety class or even remedial firearms training, T4Tactics will set up a schedule at a date and time that meets your needs.

T4Tactics also offers Personal Protection in the home training, Situational Awareness Classes for individuals, businesses, churches, and families. We also offer the same for Active Shooter Response Training.

So check out our website at T4Tactics, our Facebook page, Instagram or LinkedIn and let me know if I can be of assistance with:

Concealed carry permits

Firearm safety

Multi-State Permit

Utah Concealed Carry Permit

Active Shooter Response Training

Personal Protection in the Home Training

Situational Awareness/Street Survival Training


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