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Firearm safety / concealed permit

T4Tactics provides the most detailed and advanced firearms safety training available today. I don’t just trade money for a certificate but cover every possible avenue you need to know to be a safe, legal and responsible gun owner. The primary focus of our classes, which are held in Lynchburg, VA and Daytona Beach, FL, are to keep you, the firearm owner out of trouble. Although I don’t give legal guidance, I do provide information from my experience as a police officer for 22 years, many of those 22 years as an investigator, where good people have either been injured or arrested as a result of carelessness.

T4Tactics concealed permit / firearm safety classes will address the very basic fundamentals of firearm safety all the way to taking you to the firing range to shoot. Although at current, Virginia does not require shooting for the class, I believe it is an absolute necessary part of the firearm safety training process.

Many people that come to T4Tactics for instruction have never fired a gun before or are extremely apprehensive with handling one. With over two decades as a firearm instructor on the police and civilian level, and a college professor, I recognize people learn differently. The classroom atmosphere and the instructor’s attitude is very critical. A relaxed, non-rushed, non-stressed atmosphere is what I’ll deliver. I take pride in making sure you do not leave the classroom with out feeling completely comfortable with a firearm.

T4Tactics will run firearm safety classes for your concealed permit (or just to gain the knowledge) at any time of the day or night. Six days a week, our classroom size is limited to 5 unless we do a team building, which we can seat up to 50. (I prefer smaller classes so people are free to ask questions and feel at ease. Individual classes are also available at the same price. Nothing changes just because you prefer to learn alone.

Shooting is a perishable skill so we must practice often. Keep that firearm secured and away from unauthorized hands. Never point it at anything you’re not willing to destroy and never put your finger on the trigger until you’re on target and ready to fire. The best way we’re going to protect our 2ndAmendment is to always display safe and responsible gun-ownership. Get our kids involved because they’ll be the ones to carry that torch for the 2A.

T4Tactics only provides two types of services. The first is Active Shooter Response Training (lots of subfolders and all over the country) for businesses, churches, schools, medical and manufacturing facilities. The second is firearm safety for the Virginia and Multi-State Concealed permit. We don’t sell guns or ammo just education to keep you safe.

Contact me now to see what I can do for you, your church, business or famil

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