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Active Shooter Response Training for Civilians in Public Venues

ADVANCED ACTIVE SHOOTER AWARENESS AND RESPONSE TRAINING FOR CITIZENS IN PUBLIC PLACES - Evidence based curriculum with a goal to bring a heightened level of situational awareness to any particular environment. This is a product that has become necessary and creates a survival mindset through situational awareness. This training is not "one size fits all" but is carefully customized to fit any private facility or public venue you or your family may visit. Participants will be trained, familiar, and practiced on response goals, which will make a significant difference in the event of the unthinkable, an Active Shooter Event. We train small and large businesses, schools, and colleges, Houses of Worship, manufacturing facilities, private groups and individuals. We are available to travel and frequently visit the states from Virginia south to Florida.

TOPICS INCLUDE but are not limited to:

  • Why this training?

  • Profile of an Active Shooter

  • Identifying a future threat

  • Detailed review from primary source witnesses of Columbine, VA Tech, The Pulse Nightclub, Platte Canyon High School and San Bernardino Dept. of Social Services Active Shooter Events. (This information comes from personal one-on-one interviews from survivors and not the internet, documentaries or media)

  • HR and management responsibilities before, during and after an attack.

  • Situational Mindset

  • Survival Mentality, Rise to the occasion

  • Dealing with extreme stress, time continuum, and body factors, changing your "attitude" on stress.

  • Surviving the attack - what do!

  • Components of effective training and the importance of training.

  • Practical exercise - disarming and neutralizing the "bad guy."

  • Awarding of certificates to participants.

What would you do RIGHT NOW if you heard screaming and shots being fired? Did you hesitate with your answer? If you did, you do not have a plan. Where is your closest exit, hiding place? Do you have the means to protect yourself and BE HARD TO KILL? Do you even know how your body is going to respond under extreme stress? Be trained, be skilled and survive the unthinkable! HAVE A PLAN B!

Call us today – (434) 444-5522 or see;

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