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Saturday February 11, 9am to noon, Lynchburg, VA - $50 - ACTIVE SHOOTER AWARENESS AND RESPONSE TRAINING FOR CIVILIANS. What would you do if you were in the baggage claim area of the Ft Lauderdale airport when the shots rang out? The Pulse Nightclub? The Social Services meeting in San Bernardino? Closer to home like Freight Car America in Roanoke? VA Tech? The church in Charleston? Everyone has visited or will visit facilities like those. Do you have a Plan B? Is your strongest defense the denial that it won’t happen to you, or your family?

This three-hour course will review some of the most unthinkable Active Shooter events in U.S. history. You’ll hear details that the media does not release to the public. T4Tactics has traveled the United States to gain primary sourced information in regards to the topic. Personal, one-on-one interviews have been done with the Chief of Police from San Bernardino, CA, survivors of The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL, Survivor of the VA Tech Massacre, the Principle of Columbine High School and the SWAT Commander of Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, CO. This information is never sugar-coated or exaggerated. Straight up facts that need to be released to the public and should not just be restricted to Law Enforcement. By reviewing these events in detail, we can learn what has worked in the past and what has not. You’ll also learn valuable information like, how your body will react under extreme stress and how your nervous system will work against, and basically attack your fine motor skills. You’ll get techniques on how to combat this so you can react successfully. We’ll also talk about what to do immediately when those shots ring out. It’s way beyond the typical “run, hide, fight” that so many others are stuck teaching right now. If you are in a management or HR position we’ll talk about your responsibilities to identify a possible violent workplace attack, how to handle it by having a working, reliable Threat Assessment Team, Emergency Action Plans, how to handle an attack and what needs to be done for critical follow up after such an attack. Remember, as a business owner / manager, under OSHA General Duty Clause 5 (a) (1) you have a “duty to protect employees from recognized hazards that are likely to cause serious injury or death.” Don’t get named in a “due diligence” or “wrongful death” lawsuit.

Participants of this course will have a much better understanding of situational awareness, how to defuse hostile situations, immediately handle stress and what to logically do in order to survive the unthinkable!

Your instructor and owner of T4Tactics, LLC Marko Galbreath is a retired police Sergeant from Daytona Beach, FL and has was assigned during his career to SWAT, was the Commander of the Hostage Negotiations Team, and Supervisor in the Special Investigations Unit. He has worked on FBI, DEA, and US Customs Task Forces and currently provides dignitary protection in Washington, DC for the Legislative Hearings on Terrorism. During his police career he received 3 medals of valor, and numerous medals for honor and recognition. He holds numerous certifications from Federal, State and Private Organizations regarding the study of Active Shooter Dynamics. He has studied the topic extensively and has a passion for getting this information out to the public in a professional, ethical and honest avenue.

For more information or to register or to see future classes, please see our Facebook page of T4Tactics or our website at For immediate information, call (434) 444-5522.

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