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Why us? A MUST read!

T4Tactics teaches concealed permit / firearm safety classes all over the country but is home based in Lynchburg. We primarily instruct in Lynchburg, Roanoke and Danville, Virginia areas. We stand far above our competitors because we recognize the following;

  1. Safe gun ownership is a huge responsibility!

  2. Carrying Concealed is an even bigger responsibility. One that many cannot even comprehend, and are surprised when they hear the safety considerations involved in doing so.

  3. Normally our classes are kept at no more than six students. We want people to feel comfortable in a small group, encourage questions without the thought of feeling “embarrassed.” Nobody leaves without a 100% understanding of each and every topic covered. We take measures to make sure of this. A local University recently ran a concealed firearms class with 220 students in attendance. Unethical and dangerous! No avenue for questions, comments or concerns. (Many of those students have come to T4Tactics for remedial training)

  4. We offer one-on-one instruction at absolutely no extra charge. Many of our competitors require at least “XX amount” of students in order to run a class. This is not the way to run a productive training session. For this type of critical training, one-on-one MUST be made available if that is the way a particular student feels more comfortable.

  5. I have 22 years of police experience in Daytona Beach, FL, 4 of which were on the SWAT Team, 7 of which were on the Hostage Negotiations Team and 17 of which were as a police firearms and tactical instructor. As a homicide investigator, I have worked numerous accidents and deaths involving firearms. I have been a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer for 8 years. I have been a Certified Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations Firearm Instructor for two years. I literally have taken HUNDREDS of hours of classes involving topics related to firearms and firearm safety. I have over 26 years of college level teaching experience so I am comfortable in the classroom and more important can recognize student-learning issues. My classes can easily be customized to fit an individual students learning needs. All of this above experience is brought to the classroom to you as the student!

  6. We remain available to you once you have successfully taken one of our classes. Purchased a new gun and want to learn how to shoot it? Call us. Need to clean that gun and not sure how? Call us. Want me to go with you and guide you through the purchase of a new firearm? Call me. It’s all included in the price of the class you took with me. Once a student, always a student!

  7. Our classes go well-beyond the required curriculum for “firearm safety.” You’ll learn more, feel more comfortable and enjoy RESPONSIBLE, SAFE GUN OWNERSHIP!

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