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Active Shooter Response Training

Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training, Firearm Safety Classes for the Virginia Concealed Permit and the Multi-State Concealed Permit Course along with Personal Protection Courses for; in and out of the home is what T4Tactics, LLC does. We do not do anything else. We do not sell firearms, ammo or tactical products. Why? We spend our time just being great at what we do. Yea, it’s that way!

Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training – We train schools, houses of worship, businesses, manufacturing facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, malls, exercise facilities and other locations along with individuals the dynamics and skills it takes to survive such an unthinkable event. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration General Duty Clause 5 (a) 1, “each employer has a duty to protect employees from known recognized hazards that have been known or are known to cause serious bodily injury and or death.” Not only does such Active Shooter Response Training reduce possible injury and death, it can, in many cases, reduce insurance costs and liability judgment. This training is custom fitted to the particular facility we are training. A site visit is completed prior to the training, which will identify vulnerable areas and other security concerns and suggestions. The training with staff is a 3.5 hour lecture covering every single dynamic of past AS events and what worked and did not work. Finally, we’ll teach basic skills of disarming a violent attacker and neutralizing them. Then the management team is guided through setting up a Threat Assessment Team, Emergency Action Plans, the creation and implementation of policy and critical HR responsibilities for before, during and aftercare of such an attack. This training is critical and is a much-needed product for the survival of an organization. Don’t be the employer on the witness stand in a wrongful death suit being asked, “what did you do to protect your employees?” And employees, don’t be that employee that allows your employer to deny such critical training and skip the due diligence of your safety and well-being. For more information, please see our website at; or visit our Facebook page. For immediate questions, please call, (434) 444-5522.

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