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What I learned from T4Tactics

Wow! This was an eye opening experience. I never thought of half of these things brought up in this class. I went in the T4TACTICS office building with my parents thinking that these things would never happen to me, so why prepare for them? But that’s exactly what the people thought in the Virginia Tech, Columbine and many other shootings. Now I am much more aware than when I walked in the door because the next major shooting could be at my school. I now know not only what to do with myself if I hear BANG! BANG! BANG! down the hallway at my school, but also how to protect my peers too. There is no doubt this should be taught in schools everywhere. We have fire drills about 5 times a year, which is important because it could happen, but the last time a student was killed in a school fire was in the 1950s. We also have 4 sections of health every year on how to deal with bullies, but an active shooter is way more dangerous in today's world. It is important to know how to protect yourself against a bully, but what do you do if it’s a shooter? How do you survive? Someone needs to know what to do when they hear shots ring out down the hall and how to take action. You need to know how to keep yourself and other safe during the scariest moment in your life. And THAT’S why I enjoyed this class.

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