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Why Firearm Safety Training is so important!

Gun safety training should not be just to get your concealed permit! It should not start at the gun store. It should start with a reputable, instructor, who is backed up with scholarly integrity. Take a class that teaches you the BASICS of gun safety and covers, responsible ownership, keeping the gun away from unauthorized owners, handling the gun, safety aspects of handling, storing and carrying a gun. How it operates, what makes it fire, jams, reasons for jams, ammunition, techniques of firing the gun, hands on demonstrations in the classroom with training guns and "dummy" ammo rounds. Even a portion of cleaning, inspecting your particular gun to make sure that it is always safe to fire. A gun safety class should cover this and a little more. It should end with a question answer session where NO ONE leaves before having a total 100% understanding of the course. Contact us now for more information! T4Tactics - (434) 444-5522.

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