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T4Tactics teaches Advanced Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training. Currently we have clients in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Texas, California and British Columbia. Because of our ethical work product, pricing and reputation are growing daily. Literally!

Please allow me to share with you some valuable information on choosing a professional trainer.

Why are so many people trusting “retired police officers” to guide them through what may be the most terrifying and life threatening event of their life, an Active Shooter Event.

So many times I have been told, “we have a retired police officer in the congregation and he taught us how to handle an Active Shooter.” “Jane’s husband is a retired police officer and he came up and looked at our facility and taught us Active Shooter Training.”

Here it is folks, plain and simple and not sugar coated. As a “retired officer” myself of 22 years in the Daytona Beach area, I understand the police culture and sub-culture. Some have vast experience levels and others do not. It is extremely possible for a police officer to spend their entire law enforcement career in a marked patrol car just answering calls and never working investigations or specialized units.

I’m absolutely sure these retired officers mean well and in their hearts are giving the very best information they are capable of delivering. Heck, they spent most of their life giving to the community and placing their lives on the line. Their willingness to help your facility speaks volumes.

Here is what you need to ask them respectfully in regards to their qualifications;

  • What were your department’s geographical size, demographics and crime statistics according the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports?

  • Did your city or county regularly host specialized events that brought in a diverse crowd?

  • Were you assigned to any specialty divisions during your career?

  • Did you serve on any tactical units and do you have tactical training?

  • Were you ever an investigator that was assigned to; Violent Crimes Unit, Special Investigations, Homicide or even Property Crimes?

  • What were your outstanding recognitions of performance during your career?

  • What were some of your career experiences and or training that give you the qualifications to have this facility place the lives of it’s patrons / employees in the hands of your training?

  • What formal training have you had on human behavior, predatory and affective violence?

  • What can you tell us about human intuition as it relates to personal situational awareness?

  • Did you ever work with any Federal Agencies on specialized task forces outside of your geographical jurisdiction?

  • What formal advanced and continuous training have you had in Facility Site Inspections, Threat Assessment Teams, Emergency Action Planning, Policy Creation and the Dynamics of Active Shooter Training? Can you tell us the numerous dynamics to an Active Shooter Event? Other than run, hide and fight, what are different options? Do you run tactically planned scenarios?

  • Will you be teaching us evidence based training backed up by primary sourced information?

  • Where have you received your training? What scholarly sources do you use?

  • May we see your lesson plan?

  • If currently a police officer, what are your assignments at this time? How much time do you dedicate to the study of Active Shooting events? If you’re retired, what are you currently involved in?

  • Finally and most importantly, if you train our facility and an attack occurs, are you licensed and insured and able to go to court and show your training records to benefit our civil cases?

Remember managers, business owners, pastors, HR reps, and property managers, you all know as well as I do that if an attack occurs on your watch, you’ll be personally named in the civil suit for wrongful death and personal injury. (OSHA General Duty Clause (5) (1) (a). If the plaintiff’s attorneys are dialed in, they will want to see the credentials of the person that trained your staff. They will look deep into their training, legitimacy and background. That alone will have a huge outcome on your trial and you’d better make sure you’re on point.

In closing I’d like to simply say, ask the above questions. If your human instinct, which we all have, gives you any doubt, do more research. Reach out to someone more qualified.

Please feel absolutely free to check us out either on Facebook, LinkedIn or our T4Tactics webpages. 90% of our business comes from referrals and not advertising.

We’d be honored to speak with you and review our services.

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