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Have kids? Grandkids? Please read!

Why use T4Tactics to train your children / grandchildren to survive an Active Shooter Attack like the one yesterday at the San Bernardino Elementary school?

Many parents / grandparents and guardians have already stopped reading this article. Most never clicked on it. Because you did, tells me you’re among the few that get it. You’re part of the sheepdog gang and not the sheep.

Human nature, defense thought process and first line of defense is to deny it could happen in your community. Did parents waiving their kids off to school yesterday in San Bernardino think, “there will be a shooting at the school today and lives will be lost?”

T4Tactics Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training keeps people alive, teaches situational awareness, using your fear to detect threats and responding immediately with a coordinated, trained, controlled response. And yes, even kids understand the training.

Why choose T4Tactics?

Simply because we're the best and have the right contacts to bring you the non-sugar coated, non-exaggerated truth of what actually occurred. Remember, we actually travel the country speaking with Investigators, Victims, and Witnesses to these unthinkable events. Others instructors because of time restrictions and budget issues read it in a magazine, on the Internet, on TV, or even attend classes hearing it second and maybe third hand. (we all know how that goes and how things get confused)

We deliver primary sourced information. We run a workshop on how to react. Far more than the typical run, hide, fight that so many are stuck on delivering in their presentations. We run drills. We let the attendee listen to real blank gunfire within their place or employment, school, church or facility. It’s often mistaken for a door slamming, a stapler, someone dropping something, a car backfire and more. Remember, seconds count for survival.

Tonight, ask your child what is their plan if someone comes in the school and starts shooting? Have they been told to huddle up in a large group in the classroom, cafeteria? Wrong! Do they know the huge tactical difference between running and hiding? Do they even know how to disarm the attacker? Yea, it may come to that. Freezing and not acting in a trained coordinated response just gives the attacker a compliant victim.

This attack at the San Bernardino Elementary school on April 10, 2017 (yesterday) “appears” to be a domestic violence issue. The shooter had easy, allowable, non-suspicious access to the school. A dynamic many do not think about. Many are stuck thinking the shooter will be an outsider who forces his / her way in the school. Remember, in active shooter training we MUST think about all avenues, venues and times of attacks.

Please contact T4Tactics now for Advanced Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training. We’re in Lynchburg and available for travel anywhere.

REMEMBER – this is not promoting or teaching paranoia. This training focuses on “situational awareness” learning to listen to your human intuition, and reaction through trained calculated response.

Live your life and enjoy it. Just put the smartphone down once in a while and look around!

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