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FREE Legal Update on Firearm Laws

T4Tactics, LLC in Lynchburg VA currently teaches classes on Firearm Safety, Concealed Permit Courses and the Multi-State (National) Concealed Carry Permit Course. They are also a leader in the industry on teaching and guiding businesses, houses of worship, schools, and other facilities the dynamics on the unthinkable, an Active Shooter, Violence in the workplace event. For a complete list of what they do, please see their website at

Below is an upcoming FREE workshop that will be extremely valuable to you if you are a gun owner.

FREE gun ownership workshop. Do you own and or carry a firearm? There are many gray areas within Virginia and Federal Law regarding gun ownership and possession. Where can you legally carry? Where can you open carry? Age and "normal faculties" issues. How does Virginia define the legal justified use of deadly force? Can I use my firearm to protect myself in my home? What if I use my firearm to protect myself - what will happen to me and what should I do? What do I do if I walk in on an armed robbery and I am carrying concealed? Tell me about safe and responsible gun ownership. If I am stopped by the police and I am carrying concealed, what should I do? These and many more are frequent questions that come up in the gun classes that are taught by T4tactics. Sitting down with an attorney and an expert in the field to answer these questions would cost you over $100. On 9-16-17 from 9am to noon, you'll have the opportunity to listen to a short lecture on the topic and ask questions. Informal "workshop" setting and absolutely free. Nothing will be presented to sign up for, no obligation. This is a community event that Marko Galbreath of and James D Fairchild of are presenting in order to promote safe, legal and responsible gun ownership. This class will fill extremely fast and seats are limited to 50. To register, please e mail

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