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Fears of a novice shooter

T4Tactics Lynchburg, VA teaches firearms training for the VA Concealed Permit and the Multi-State Concealed Permit. Many people take the firearm safety class just simply because they want to now how a pistol operates. Maybe they have one in their home or maybe they have access to one. Parents and their children take the firearm safety class because they would like to make sure all family members know and practice responsible gun ownership!

People take the Firearm Safety Class / Concealed Permit Class from T4Tactics because we are extremely different from our competitors;

  • I will teach an individual at no extra cost. I don’t require “5 people” or “20 people” in order to run a class. Being an instructor of Firearms for over 15 years and a professor in college level courses for 30 years, I have identified that people have different learning styles and anxieties. Someone taking a firearm safety course must feel comfortable and able to ask questions and perform the practical exercises comfortably.

  • I bring many of my police experiences to the classroom all while teaching the mandatory requirements under the current states code in which we are teaching. As a firearms instructor for the police department, an investigator of violent crimes and homicides, along with investigating firearm accidents, many different scenarios are covered. Incidents that have actually occurred. This course of topic absolutely demands going well above what the state requirements mandate.

  • Our course is designed for someone who has never even thought about picking up a firearm all the way to taking that student to the shooting range and seeing their joy when they hit the target accurately with all safety skills in mind.

  • Our normal class size is limited to 6 students giving each student the proper hands on time. (Larger classes can be accommodated for groups or business teams)

  • Once a student of T4Tactics, always a student of T4Tactics. Looking at purchasing a new gun? Call us and we will guide you. Bought a new gun and need help cleaning it for the first time? Call us! Haven’t shot since our class or a little rusty on skills? Call us and we’ll meet you for a refresher. All of this at no extra charge!

  • You’ll find that our level of instruction, personalization and commitment is far above and beyond the competition. This type of training is too important to be trained by someone that just wants your money!

  • Finally, don’t let your gun ownership journey start in the gun store. Take a firearm class first. Learn about the different types of guns, how they operate, what is best for you, your intentions and price. There is a huge difference between purchasing a firearm for recreational shooting vs personal protection.

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