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Apprehensive about a gun class?

T4Tactics in Lynchburg, VA teaches firearm safety classes that can be used to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit.

I hear many times, “I would like to get my concealed permit but I am afraid of guns.” Or “I have never shot a gun before and am a little apprehensive.” Or even, “I am not good in the classroom and don’t take tests very well.”

Here is my answer to those statements and here is how T4Tactics can help.

During my 22-year police career in the Daytona Beach, FL area, I was assigned to the SWAT Team for many years. Being on that team, we trained and fired guns every Thursday of the month. Also during that career I was a police firearms instructor for in-service police officers and cadets in the academy. I have also been through numerous NRA certification courses that allow me to instruct courses related to firearm safety and concealed permit applications. I have flown to Utah to become certified to teach the Utah non-resident, multi-state concealed permit course. During my police career and up until July of 2016, I was an adjunct professor for college level courses. (About 25 years teaching experience)

Enough about me! Here is my point. With all the experience above, it’s safe to say I have been around shooters of all different levels. I’ve taught students with all types of learning issues. An instructor that recognizes through experience in the classroom students learn, take notes, test and ask questions differently is extremely important!

I develop a relationship while lecturing with each student through eye contact and body language. (Was a hostage negotiator for many years, which required me to take a ton of human behavioral courses) If I don’t get the “I’m following you vibe”, I simply change tactics without calling that individual out. Remember, with all the above certifications and my bachelor’s degree, I’ve been a student as well. I get it!

Firearm Safety Classes are way too important for an instructor to just deliver the topic and hope the student got it. There is too much at stake and it all falls back to responsible gun ownership! Whether you are taking the class because you just want to have better gun safety skills or to obtain your concealed carry permit, you (and I) must feel 100% comfortable before you walk out my classroom door. It is a must!

Handling a firearm too intimidating for you? I teach one-on-one at no additional charge. (See, there it is, recognizing that some don’t learn well with others around)

Maybe it’s been 10 or so years since you’ve sat in a classroom. No problem. We’ll adjust for that as well.

My ability to train someone who has only “seen a gun on TV” to someone that has been shooting for years is what makes T4Tactics unique.

I understanding different learning styles and capitalize on that for their success.

Feel comfortable in the class and contact us now!

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