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Women and guns!

T4Tactics in Lynchburg, VA travels the country teaching Firearm Safety Training for general safety and to obtain the Concealed Carry Permit either in your home state or for the Utah non-resident, multi-state concealed carry permit. We also present workshops on Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training for Churches, Schools, Businesses and Individuals. We teach basic self-defense classes geared at fighting off an attacker and disarming a knife or firearm from an attacker.

People take firearm courses for several reasons.

  • They want to learn to shoot for recreation.

  • There are guns in the house and they want to be familiar.

  • They want to learn personal protection for themselves and family.

  • They just want the knowledge.

  • They have always wanted to shoot a handgun.

So many women have told me they ARE interested in carrying concealed with a permit but don’t want to carry in their purse or on their person all the time.

There are TONS of great concealment holsters out there for ladies but if not, read below.

Lockboxes are available on-line for as little as $35. They are metal and attach with a cable to your car seat post. They come with a combination in order to open. Get your concealed permit. Leave it secured safely in your car. If you break down, get stranded on a country road, or have to stop somewhere and those neck hairs stand up telling you something is not right, put it in your pocket. You’ll have your concealed permit and it would be legal. My feeling is it is better to have the permit and firearm and not use it as compared to not have it and wish you did.

Remember in northern VA a young lady in Nov of 2016 had a stalker she didn’t know about. He followed her to a rural area, ran her off the road, pulled her from the car and sexually assaulted her for two hours in the woods nearby. Things may have been different if she had been trained and at least had a firearm secured under her seat. (article link below)

Even simpler and less violent of an example, what if you break down and the wrong person stops to “help?” What now?

Denial that it won’t ever happen to you is not a valid defense.

If you’re interested (male or female) in getting a lock box for your car, here are some things to consider.

  • Heavy metal for security.

  • Combination lock. Nothing with batteries or a fancy fingerprint reader to open. Batteries go dead; moisture in your car can hinder the working operation.

  • Strong cable securing it to your car seat post.

  • Place some type of dehumidifier substance in the box. Kitty litter in a breathable bag works great and is inexpensive.

  • Remember - that gun is your responsibility. Create a combination that your kids or anyone unauthorized can’t figure out.

I hope this helps with some guidance. Interested in scheduling a firearm safety class to obtain your concealed permit? Contact us now. We can run one within a few days to meet your busy schedule.. Depending on questions, the class runs about 3.5 hours and is $89. Individual classes are available at no extra charge

T4Tactics, LLC

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