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When you ask your smartphone, “concealed permit training near me”, “firearms safety class near me”, “concealed permit class in Lynchburg” do you go with the first one that pops up?

What about searching Google for keywords such as, Active Shooter Response Training, Workplace Safety Training, Firearm Awareness for kids, Self-defense training near me, or Self-defense training in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Those are all very broad keywords to search from. If several businesses pop up, do you go with the closest one? Maybe you’ll pick the least expensive / cheapest or the one with the fancier web page?

When choosing a business to do business with, whether it’s Active Shooter Response Training for Houses of Worship, Schools, Colleges, Businesses, Manufacturing Facilities or individuals, choose wisely and do your diligent research. Maybe you’re looking for self-defense classes, concealed permit courses or firearm safety classes, all need proper research and vetting.

Call the better business bureau, look at their reviews on social media, and check out the company and instructor background and experiences. Are they members and active with Chamber and civic organizations?

Trust me, with this type of training, you’ll definitely want the best there is to offer. You just can’t afford to go “cheap” on this type of training.

Contact us at T4Tactics, LLC in Lynchburg, VA. We’d be absolutely happy to answer any questions for you.

#Concealed Carry Permit

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