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Your attorney will thank you.......

Have you ever searched the Internet with a general phrase? “Find me…….”

For instance, with my business someone may ask Siri, Bing or Google, “concealed firearms training near me, or find concealed firearms permit course near me?” Does your search engine know who is going to get you to the best instructor in the area? The answer is probably not. Just because a business has a great IT person on board that can create the most efficient search results does not necessarily mean their company product is going to be of quality.

So you request your computer or smart phone to:

Find firearms training near me.

Firearms concealed permit training in Lynchburg

Concealed Firearms Training in Bedford

Self Defense Training in my area

Active Shooter Response Training near me

Active Shooter Response Training in Lynchburg

When you search firearms, concealed permit training, think of this;

It brings you to the guy that is doing Firearm Training for $40 and in just a few hours with no range time. Yes, no range time! You choose him because it was one of the first search results and it is “near you.”

Trust me on this one folks, when it comes to good quality training on a topic such as carrying concealed and or firearm safety, you’ll need to research and look at the instructor background. This topic is just too valuable to cut short simply exchanging a certificate for money.

You’ll want an experienced instructor that has been a police officer and has worked shooting investigations both self-defense and accidental. One that can tell you what happens in court. You’ll want an instructor that can speak about experiences from mistakes and things that did and did not work for the gun owner. How you can legally and safely stay out of trouble.

You’ll want and instructor that has been teaching on the advanced law enforcement platform and the civilian side. Require an instructor that has a good mix of the different dynamics of firearm instruction.

And finally get an instructor with more than 25 years with classroom / college level teaching experience. Use an instructor that can recognize the different learning styles of young and older adults.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Go for the best. Responsible gun ownership goes well beyond just getting a concealed permit and strapping the gun to your side or putting it in your purse. You absolutely must think outside of the box.

T4Tactics will teach you well above the minimum requirements set by Virginia Law. We will give you many real life scenarios that have been played out in the criminal justice field and in the courtroom. Own and carry in a responsible manner. Learn absolutely all there is to learn about safe, legal and responsible gun ownership.

Do not short yourself. Trust me, if you ever experience a self-defense shoot or a firearm accident, your attorney will thank you that you went to the best training this area has to offer.

Attend the T4tactics training and receive valuable information that no others are offering in this area!

T4Tactics offers small class sizes that run 6 days per week.

So the next time you or your friend search for “concealed permit training near me” – Cut to the chase and search, “contact T4Tactics.”

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