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A justified shoot? Or so you thought!

A Justified defensive shoot. Or so you thought!

T4Tactics teaches firearm safety classes for the VA concealed permit along with the Multi-State Concealed Permit. T4Tactics also teaches Personal Protection in the Home along with Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training.

Are you a concealed carry holder? (or in VA, maybe you open carry) Do you keep a training record of each time you go to the range, take a refresher class or update any knowledge on the topic of firearm safety or use of force laws?

Here is why you should –

T4Tactics always stresses in every single class that the very last option for you to use in a self-defense situation is your firearm. Use your brain to avoid the incident in the first place. Use your wits and verbal judo to keep you out of using force. Physically fight if you have to. A very last resort should be that firearm you’re carrying. Trust me!

Scenario – You’re legally carrying concealed at an ATM machine withdrawing money late one evening. One of the most hardened criminal gang members in your town walks up to you and backs you in a corner and starts to stab you repeatedly. Your wounds are critical and you fear greatly for your life. You pull your firearm and fire, killing him instantly. You survived the attack………..for now.

Of course you’re taken to the police department that night and questioned until they can determine it was a self-defense shoot. This is stressful.

The next day when it hits the news, the bad guys mother, that has not been in his life at all suddenly comes out from under her rock with her dead sons pre-school graduation picture. The news starts showing that picture. She gets an attorney to make some money from you for wrongful death of her precious law abiding son. Some community members support her and rally with her.

If her attorney has half a brain at all and wants to go after big money, he will go after your training and knowledge of the actions you took that night. He’ll ask, when did you get your concealed permit. From what company? What did they review in the class? So you obtained your concealed permit 5 years ago, how many times have you taken a class on the topic or been to the gun range? He’ll ask you to explain your states code on justifiable use of deadly force.

Don’t take this lightly friends. If you are exercising your constitutional right to carry a firearm then take it seriously and be dialed in tight. Responsible gun ownership is a very broad topic that covers many avenues.

I have seen my fair share of situations like this. Some spin out of control in the courtroom and this is why I’m presenting this to you.

*I’m not an attorney or an attorney spokesperson but my humble suggestion to you from my 30 years in the Law Enforcement arena and Criminal Justice teaching field is to think of the following:

  • Get a logbook and keep a journal of each time you practice with your firearm. Date, time, location, how many rounds and what course of fire you worked on.

  • Keep monitoring current and changing local, state and federal laws regarding firearms.

  • Take a refresher firearm safety course that offers a certificate.

  • Attend any seminars available in your area on the topic of personal safety, responsible gun ownership or legal updates.

  • Document, document, document.

Having this documentation is not something to brag about and is definitely not something you would offer to the police if you were ever involved in a shooting. It should be treated as client / attorney privileged information that your attorney will decide when, how and if to present it.

In closing, here’s something to think about. You’re on the witness stand for the self- defense shooting mentioned above. Your car, house, family’s livelihood and everything you own is on the line. The Judge and 12 jury members are watching and listening to everything that is being said. The attorney suing you asks, “So tell me, what kind of formal training have you had with firearms, laws, or use of force?”

What do you think is going to help you more with the Judge and Jury?

A reply of, “Well I took a firearm safety class from Boothroy Bo Jangles in his basement 5 years ago – paid him money and he gave me a certificate.”


Your attorney steps in and presents your folder of documented on-going training and skills of responsible, safe gun ownership.

Be careful whom you take your firearm safety training from. Their credentials, professionalism and recordkeeping may just save you one day from that “dead gangbanger moms attorney!”

For more guidance or to take a firearm safety class or refresher, contact Marko Galbreath at T4Tactics, LLC Lynchburg, VA or your local attorney.

*Always consult your local attorney for legal guidance or when following someone else’s legal suggestions.

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