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Breaking News: Active Shooter Event Unfolding.

Lynchburg, VA - Police responded immediately to the area after multiple callers reported shots being fired and several people shot. The attack was a well coordinated incident involving multiple shooters, police say.

What was your immediate reaction upon seeing the headlines of the blog? Would YOU be prepared for such an event? I'm happy to say this blog is just a "what if" - Remember, denial is not a defense.

Your smart phone alerts you of an active shooter situation unfolding, right now in (insert your home city here). What thoughts would rush through your mind? Would you immediately worry if your loved one were at the location? How did they react, are they alive? Did they sit there and freeze because they were untrained and unprepared or did they fight the shooter? How would you react if you were there? If you don’t have a plan you’re living dangerously!

T4Tactics is home-based in Lynchburg, VA and travels the United States holding presentations, workshops and seminars to churches, schools, businesses, civic groups and individuals on the entire dynamics of an Active Shooter attack. When we talk about your loved one surviving an attack we have to ask, were they properly trained? Did someone “claiming” to be proficient train them in the dynamics of an Active Shooter event? Just because someone was a police officer or in the military may not necessarily make them able to teach and give guidance on such an unthinkable event. Did you know that many “presenters” in this country are teaching children to all huddle together in the classroom during an attack. No! No! No! Did you know that many are also being instructed to simply hide under their desk or in a nearby closet? It goes so far beyond this. Far beyond this!

I encourage you to check out the T4Tactics web page and look at our qualifications and recent news coverage. We have and currently travel the country interviewing victims, witnesses and investigators directly involved in Active Shooter events. (Columbine, VA Tech, The Pulse Night club, San Bernardino, Platte Canyon High School and more) We are clearly the leader in delivering to our clients the non-sugar coated, no exaggeration training they deserve and should not just be restricted to Law Enforcement. The product we deliver is far above and beyond what others are trying to deliver.

Please check us out on Facebook as well at T4Tactics.


147 Mill Ridge Road, Suite 207

Lynchburg, VA 24502

(434) 444-5522

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